I’m seduced by romance.  Red-hot, sensual, pants-on-fire romance. The men are alpha, bossy, take-no-prisoners and sexy-as-hell.  The women are kick-ass, feisty, give back as good as they get, and lust-worthy – whether voluptuous and curvy, toned and muscular, or lean and boyish in form.  They entice those alpha heroes to lust after them – and eventually fall in love with them. Head – over – heels!

Let me seduce you with the intricacies and sensuality of modern life, and the strange, wondrous things swirling around us that defy explanation.  Join me for the ride, be it between the pages of a sexy contemporary romance or swept up in a paranormal maelstrom of sensuality.

                                                                                         I’ll enjoy the hell out of it, and hope you will too!

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All Hallows Eve is nigh, my friends, and in celebration of this night of wonder,
I’m participating in Night Owl Reviews’ Hallowpalooza!
Find moi and a host of amazing authors as you run amok with
ghosts, book boyfriends, and goblins in this fun scavenger hunt.
Who knows? Maybe you’ll find some books you can’t do without and win great prizes!




Looking forward to your reply....

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