Lustworthy Victorian Men

PegboardIn researching culture, people, and amorous adventures in Victorian, England, I’ve (gratefully) discovered men that are definitely lustworthy!

Pinning them to my bulletin board gives me, at a glance, ready descriptions of sensuous lips longing to plunder.  Strong jaws just waiting for a soft caress.  Hair so soft, you can almost feel the strands drifting through your fingertips.  And shoulders strong enough to clutch while in the throes of passion.

Meek maidens need not apply.  These men crave someone equal to their measure, able to meet them toe to toe, or perhaps breast to chest, belly to bulge.  Definitely worthy of a fantasy or two.  Enjoy!  I know I do, especially as they come to life on the page, and indulge what I’m sure is stirring, fiery passion!  ~ Viola

Looking forward to your reply....

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