Ohhhhh, the Food and Eye Candy in Louisiana

I researched Louisiana for one of my books and let me tell you, just reading about the food is enough to make me ravenous.  I want to hop on the next flight!  We should go.   Are we there yet?

We’ll start the morning off with couche-couche – fried cornmeal topped with milk and/or syrup.   Heck, why not both?  Or maybe you’d rather have a sweet-as-sin beignet?  I’m talking about the deep fried choux-paste topped with loads of powdered sugar.  Can you just feel that bite melt in your mouth?

Off to some sightseeing, then lunch – maybe some etoufee?  Or how about some jambalaya?  I can almost smell the chicken, Andouille sausage, rice, shrimp, celery, and spices.  Or maybe you’d rather have crawfish boudin – yummy!  Crawfish, black and cayenne pepper, garlic, onion and rice.  You’ll be sayin “Ca c’est bon” (that’s good) after the first nibble!

We’ll head out for more sightseeing, checking out the goings-on,  lusting after the sexy men or beautiful women.  Wear ourselves out lookin’ at all the shops and eye candy.

Time for dinner!  Do you sense a theme on this trip?  Food and eye candy!  We’ll stuff ourselves with some gumbo, andouille, shrimp floating in bisque, or maque choux

By then it’ll be time to burn off some of those calories by gettin’ down and dirty to zydeco music and swamp-pop, then lazing around and drowning in jazz with a cup of cafe au lait.

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

8 thoughts on “Ohhhhh, the Food and Eye Candy in Louisiana

  1. I’m not a shellfish person so these foods don’t sound drool worthy to me, BUT I was at a conference in Louisiana and they did have some great food that wasn’t shellfish! The had a cake that was to die for that had to do with the Mardi Gras and fabulous tasting finger foods. The music and hot guys is enough to be me there and less calories! Great post that showed the “flavor” of Louisiana!


    1. Hi Paty, They DO have good food that isn’t shellfish, don’t they? I think tasting one of everything would be a blast. It would have to be a long vacation! I’d love to go just for the food and hot guys. LOL


  2. Oh Viola, I’ll join you! What a fun bit of research you got to do. I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans, but haven’t made it yet. However, I do make a good jambalya!


    1. Hi Monica! I’ve always wanted to go to. If I get enough pennies saved, I’ll check with you to see if you can go. 🙂 Jamabalya is one of my favs. My sis makes a good one, too. I think it would be so much fun to go!


  3. I was fortunate to live in Mississippi, near the Gulf, for four years. During that time, I made many trips to New Orleans. However, the entire gulf region shares similar foods. My favorite has always been Jambalaya. Yum, yum…makes me want to make some .


    1. Hi Maggie,
      So nice you were able to enjoy that region and the food! Jambalaya has always been a favorite of mine, too. I’ll have to make a point of heading down there in the near future!


    1. Hi Kylie! I hope you do make to New Orleans! It’s on my list of places to visit as well. I also lived in Tennessee, when I was 2-5 years old – in Memphis. Thanks for stopping by!


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